InSpire Magazine 2010 to 2015

InSpire Magazine

2010 to 2015

Andrew Burdett putting the finishing touches to his thirteenth (and final) edition of InSpire magazine.

Andrew Burdett left InSpire after five years as its editor. Here, he is seen putting the finishing touches to his thirteenth (and final) edition.
[PHOTO: © Andrew Burdett 2015 | REF: LRxprt-IMG_3368_ARB]

Gaining experience in journalism, magazine photography, and page layout, I transformed the parish magazine of St Luke’s Church, Maidenhead, and in the process grew its readership two-fold.

After taking over the Editorship in 2010, I produced thirteen issues, with a total of 332 pages. To keep costs down on what were relatively low volumes, the paper editions were printed on the church office’s own full-colour digital photocopier. Online, the digital editions amassed quite a following, even among those not at all connected with the church.

The early editions were compiled on Apple Pages, but for the Autumn 2013 edition onwards I moved to Adobe InDesign. In response to reader feedback, I put an emphasis on the pictorial content, and made sure to capture high-quality images at many church events.

I was pleased to receive compliments from, among others, the then-Bishop of Oxford who described InSpire as “one of the finest magazines in the Diocese… and probably, too, one of the best in the country”.

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