The Stag 2012 to 2013

The Stag

2012 to 2013

As the principle Editor of a Sixth Form produced newsmagazine, I had overall responsibility for all content within the publication. One aspect to the role required me to effectively manage the team of writers – a task I shared between two ‘Executive Editors’. However, the biggest job was comping the document, something I insisted on doing to as professional a standard as possible. Under my editorship, The Stag was frequently highlighted as an example of the quality of Furze Platt Senior School Sixth Form students.

2013/14 Series

The Stag, Issue 1, 2013/14

The Stag, Issue 2, 2013/14

2012/13 Series

The Stag, Issue 1, 2012/13

The Stag, Issue 2, 2012/13

The Stag, Issue 3, 2012/13


A box of copies of 'The Stag' magazine.

My article on the ‘trust crisis’ at the BBC ran on the front-page of the second edition, shown hot-off-the-press here.

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