The Tab

In September 2015, with my move to the University of Sheffield, I joined The Tab.

A student news website, The Tab is unique for focussing on hyperlocal issues — made possible by volunteer teams of writers and editors at more than 40 UK universities. Whilst some of the articles that The Tab runs could be considered smutty or downright controversial, it’s no coincidence that the site receives millions of weekly hits.

As well as offering a large platform, The Tab also provides training and support. I recently attended a two-day course in London, with speakers including AA Gill, Neville Thurlbeck, Helen Lewis, Harry Cole, and Andy Rudd.

I was thrilled to be crowned the national ‘Writer of the Week’ in December 2015, for my coverage of a Sheffield basement fire, as well as for my fast turnaround on a story about a woman’s body found in a stream.

A list of articles I have written:

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