Happy Christmas – 25 December 2011


We’ve been counting down for weeks and now the time is finally upon us: it’s Christmas Day 2011, and I wish all readers a very happy Christmas.

CHRISTMAS CRIB SCENE_Taken at St Luke's, this is the Christmas nativity scene under the High Altar this Christmastime.

This year’s seen an increased amount of talk about the commercialisation of Christmas, and whilst it saddens me to see people forgetting the true meaning of the coming of our saviour, my long-held theory is that at least this time of year brings families together, whatever their religious beliefs.

It’s easy to forget, though, that not everyone is so lucky. As I said last year, there’ll be many children that won’t receive Christmas presents today; many who’ll be ill, or housebound, or lonely; and many who won’t see anyone else. However, as my family are doing this year, there’s also a number of people helping combat this – to make things fairer – and Mum and Dad are driving older people who otherwise would have had no contact this Christmastime to and fro a party.

But ultimately, as I’ve always said, I know how lucky I am. When I sit down for my Christmas lunch later today, I’ll spare a thought for those who I’ve mentioned above, and hope that I will never come to forget Jesus’ birth.

FESTIVAL OF LIGHT_Five candles in our Advent crown burn during a St Luke's service, as we finally reach Christmas Day.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.