Photo of the Week – 7 August 2011


NB: This edition of ‘Photo of the Week’ was posted after returning from the Jamboree.


This Week’s Photo

I don’t know the name of this guy. I don’t know his age. I don’t know how many siblings he’s got, what his relationship status is, or which (if any) religion he practises. What I do know is that, obviously, he’s South African, he was an attendee at the World Scout Jamboree 2011, and that consequently, he’s a Scout.

Taken on the brilliantly organised Cultural Festival Day, he was one of the many South Africans who kicked off the afternoon’s proceedings. Around him, his fellow South Africans blew vuvuzelas marking the start of the afternoon’s browsing, while he shouted traditional African chants.

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About ‘Photo of the Week’

Every Sunday, I post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality or stunningly artistic composition, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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