Photo of the Week – 24 July 2011


NB: This edition of ‘Photo of the Week’ was posted after returning from the Jamboree.


This Week’s Photo

Although this week also saw me undertaking my Grade Five clarinet exam on Tuesday and breaking up from school on Thursday, it’s been overshadowed by the final preparations for my much-anticipated Jamboree trip. Last night (23 July) the Berkshire Unit met up at 3rd Upton Scout Hut, and we’re now in Copenhagen for the first part of the trip. On Wednesday morning, we’ll depart for the huge campsite in Sweden, where the real adventure starts.

This week’s photo comes from Terminal Five, just after we’d passed through Security this morning. I like to think that, as the sun rose over London and a new day was beginning, it was a sign that our trip was also just getting started.

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Every Sunday, I post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality or stunningly artistic composition, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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