Pancake Day Fun – 8 March 2011


BATTER BE CAREFUL_Dad mixing the batter.It’s Shrove Tuesday today and, to march the occasion, here at Burdett Towers we’ve been having our annual dose of pancake fun. (By the way, you can click here to see what we got up to last year.)

There are many different recipes to follow of course; there’s 23 on the BBC Food website alone. As for us, Dad kept to his own secret one, working out the quantities off the top of his head after 30 years of making them.

The end result was, as ever, delicious, though we all stepped down from the dinner table feeling five belt-hole bigger. Never mind though, as we’ll be beating temptation to keep that off over the coming weeks as we look forward to 24 April – Easter Day!

A quick plug too for the Advertiser’s story of today’s Pancake Race in town. There’s a video which brilliantly captures the fun that must have been had on King Street at lunchtime. The winners, from Sainsbury’s Maidenhead, made a few witty comments about their victory and how they “battered”

“[The opposition are] getting better, but still not at our level. When the snow came, we got out and trained just to build our leg muscles. Everest was probably the toughest… just hardcore training all round. I think eight days off [work] now.”

Jack Zorab and Jags Danoa, Sainsbury’s Maidenhead team, winners of Pancake Race 2011, 8 March 2011

PAN-ORAMA_A photo of the start of a pancake's production.

NEARLY READY_Almost ready!

IN THE MOOD FOR FOOD_My sickly pancake, with jam, ice-cream, and sugar. Mmmmm!

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.