Snow Snow Snow – 5 January 2010



After breakfast, I headed off to school, and after six tiring periods, it was ‘hometime’. The weather – at this point – was fine. But that was all set to change within the following hours, as snow fell heavily and quickly. At 7:30, I geared up for the possibility that I would have to walk home after swimming if Dad couldn’t drive to collect me. Then Dad drove Mum and I to a church meeting and swimming respectively. By now the snow was really heavy.

I walked into the pool changing area, and just as I had hung up on the phone to Dad (confirming swimming was on), I realised I had left my trunks at home. It was frustrating, as I had prepared to go out in the snow unnecessarily. But I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to walk home alone all the way from town.

So, when I got back home, Matthew had cleared a path for the car to cross in order to get safely on the drive. Harriet – at a friend’s party – and Mum – at the meeting – would walk back within the next hour – hour and a half.

One of Matthew’s friends called Jonathan Harris, was planning to go to the hill in Maidenhead with his friend. Matthew and I asked if we could come, and so we walked around there with me leading the way. There were about six or seven others, but we all shared Jonathan’s sledges. Matthew, Joey (Jonathan’s friend), and I made a bit of a ramp to go over on the sledge. This was great fun.

After a great evening, and after making one massive snowman, we started walking back. On the way, we bumped into Mum, who’d been getting Granddad to bed at his house round the corner.

Eventually though, we arrived home, and entered the warmth of the house. I made myself a hot drink, before getting ready for bed. I noticed my right foot’s middle toe was bleeding, but I put that down to the boots.

My clothes are on the radiator as I write this, and I apologise for the lack of a picture; it was too snowy to risk taking a camera out, and too dark to even take a pic on my phone.

Night night, and stay safe in the snow!

Andrew xx

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.