Taplow Choirs’ Christmas Concert – 6 December 2009



It’s Sunday, so after church – where I read an advent prayer – we headed back home.

I have a concert this afternoon, with choir. It could be my last with the boys section; so I am currently looking through the words to the songs so that I don’t ‘goldfish’!

I may update this later, but don’t expect it! Christmas concerts go on for hours, and I may well be too tired!

Au revoir,


UPDATE: I have now just got back from the concert. It went really, really well; and should it be my last Christmas concert with the section of the choir that I’m in, then what a way to go. We ended with joint choirs singing a medley of well-known Christmas songs, and an encore at the end in which the audience joined in with ‘White Christmas’.

You may remember that on Friday night I lost my iPod. Well, joyously, I have found it; I really am SO happy. How I have managed a whole weekend without it is beyond me! I looked everywhere within the house for it, and begun to think that it’d been nicked. But, my dear friend Daryl, came round today with it. I think I must have gathered it up with my Scout shirt on Friday night. But whatever, my baby is home.

And so, with the choir Christmas Concert done for 2009, the countdown to the big day has well and truly begun!

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.