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An errant hand thieves a pint of milk.

A Fresher’s Guide to Fridges – 18 September 2016

Carrying in the abundance of stuff from your dad’s car; making up a bed for, likely, the first time in your life; and setting up your devices on the campus Wi-Fi. All are difficult yet essential parts of Day One at university.

But first and foremost of all is, surely, the fridge-shelf landgrab.

Photo of the Week – 17 July 2011

This Week’s Photo Due to the privilege that was attending the Salters’ Chemistry Camp in the facilities of the University of Bath, the event certainly earned the right to be represented in this week’s...

Harriet to Uni – 3 October 2010

Today, my sister headed off to university, having taken a gap year since leaving school in 2009. Although I didn’t go with her, I’ve seen photos taken by Mum and Dad (who dropped her...