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The letter sent by a prison inmate to Cambridge student who appeared on television at Christmas.

An “unnerving” letter? How dare she? – 9 January 2015

One is a female, 21-year-old Cambridge University student. The other is a 55-year-old man, convicted of murder and with a history of drug crime. It would, perhaps, be reasonable to assume that they have little in common – but for a letter, sent by the Long Lartin inmate at the end of last month, after a reading that the student gave during the televised Carols from King’s service “touched [his] heart”.

Harriet to Uni – 3 October 2010

Today, my sister headed off to university, having taken a gap year since leaving school in 2009. Although I didn’t go with her, I’ve seen photos taken by Mum and Dad (who dropped her...