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Thank You – 29 April 2010

I’ve been on since January 2010, but only really started using it in early March. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the many advantages over Windows Live Blogs, while continuing to use the excellent Windows...

St George’s Day Parade – 25 April 2010

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Scout, and if you’ve been following my Twitter feed (either on the right hand side of this blog, on, or @andrewburdett1) you’ll know briefly what I... – Now up and running


As you may know from my last blog post, I’ve been having problems downloading and uploading to the blog servers which provide this site. It’s all to do with actually accessing it, but I’m up and running now so that’s good. The problem, if you’re interested, was in fact to do with internal AREMBE network issues. But all routers are now fixed, handing out the correct IP Addresses to all systems and allowing all systems access to all webpages.

But, as I say, I am back home at

Happy blogging,