VIDEO: Taplow Youth Choir Leavers’ Song – 13 April 2015


As is a tradition on Tour, Taplow Youth Choir’s soon-to-be-leaving members rewrote the lyrics to one of the choir’s current favourite songs. Performed this afternoon at Prague Airport, just before flying home to Heathrow, you can now watch this year’s leavers’ song with lyrics.

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“Sock it to them, babes.”

Tell me what will we do on a Saturday:
When we leave, when we go, when there’s no Taplow.
All these years we have travelled to Taplow Hall
To see our fam’ly one and all.

“Tits and teeth, girls.”

On this tour, there were laughs, there was love, and joy.
There was romance ‘twixt both girl and boy.
So much booze, so much ‘banter’. And our night on the town
When in forty minutes, many shots we did down.

“Don’t waste rehearsal time.”

After sleepless nights making forts and dens,
Did you ever guess we were not in bed?
In my beers, Chloe’s tears, and Allie’s bum.
Big meals that left us with quite full tums.

“Where is your pencil?”

Rise up, follow me, to the seventeenth floor,
Where a cannon waits behind the door.
Seven days; we have wondered, where did the time go?
Tell me what will we do when we leave Taplow.

Gillian we love you.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.