Walking in the Winter Sun – 14 January 2012


AND THEN SHALL YOUR LIGHT SHINE FORTH: The sun seen shining bright behind a fence. (IMG_1863)

With Harriet due to go back to university tomorrow after spending the festive period skiing in France and at home with us, we decided to take a late-afternoon stroll down by the river. Matthew voted against coming, but the four of us that did go were rewarded with beautiful views.

Parking the car at the Boulter’s Lock car-park, we set off in a north-easterly direction up the footpath, going against the flow of the water. The golden colours made for some great photograph opportunities, and Mum and I both spotted two figures on the other side of the river in Cliveden‘s grounds.

NAMELESS COUPLE: Two figures seen on the other side of the water. (IMG_1826)

SNAPPY SNAPS: Mum photographs some of the cooler colours. (IMG_1829)

Part way through our stroll, Harriet recognised a fellow walker as a former teacher at Borlase. Harriet explained what she was up to nowadays at Cambridge, and they joked about the amount of work she has to “look forward to” tomorrow!

SOMETHING FUNNY: Harriet and a former teacher joke after a chance encounter on our walk. (IMG_1835)

The water was very still, making for quite clear reflections of the bank, until a lone swan swam downstream.

WINTER REFLECTIONS: The relatively still waters made for almost perfect reflections. (IMG_1816)

SWIMMING SOLO: A swan swims towards the bank, before continuing downstream. (IMG_1818)

TANGLED BRAMBLE: Brambles growing on the other side of a fence. (IMG_1853)

With the sun still in the sky, there was just enough light for Mum to take a picture of the three of us, before turning round and heading home.

DADDY'S KIDS: Mum took this picture of Harriet, Dad, and me before we turned around and walked back. (IMG_7394_AMB)

It was a lovely afternoon with gorgeous views, especially this one of the sun setting behind the trees.

WINTER SUNSHINE: The sun shone brightly behind these wintered trees. (IMG_1859)

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.