Christmas Lights 2011: Assembly Begins – 4 December 2011


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With Christmas now just three weeks away, Dad started work on his annual indoor illuminations a few days ago. If you’ve never seen them, you won’t appreciate that they are a little more than tinsel and fairy-lights, so click here to watch a video of the 2009/2010 show.

ASSEMBLY LINE_Dad begins construction on the new nativity.

GENTLY DOES IT_Dad soldering wires to drive power to the new nativity.

There’s always something new every year, and this year’s no exception. He’s been slaving away in Harriet’s vacant room (she’s just set off on the Varsity ski trip), assembling a new nativity. At the moment, all the rest is secret, but below you can watch the latest in my Countdown to Christmas videos to see his progress so far.

Count down to Christmas 2011 with The Andrew Burdett Blog.

Andrew Burdett

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