Afternoon at Cliveden – 21 August 2011


At Burdett Towers, we’re often unable to spontaneously head out for afternoons together, due to the nature of having five busy diaries. However, this afternoon, Harriet suggested we made hay of the weather and spent a few hours at nearby Cliveden, making use of our National Trust family membership card. We agreed that the 80 per cent turnout (Matthew visited a friend in town instead) wasn’t bad, given the immediacy of the idea becoming a reality.

CENTREPIECE_The water fountain in the gardens.

AFTERNOON STROLL_Mum, Dad, and Harriet walking through a lavendar garden.

ORNAMENTAL_The ugly clock tower at Cliveden House.

THAMES VIEW_Looking down towards the water from behind some trees.

TAKE COVER_Shade provided by the trees cooled us down.

SIBLINGS IN ARMS_Me and Harriet before getting back to the car.

SIT UP GIRLS_Mum and Harriet attempting sit-ups in the wooded area at Cliveden.

TICK TOCK_Dad was conscious of time, as he needed to get back to tend to the Sunday Roast.

HEADING HOME_Mum, Harriet, and Dad make their way back to the car-park after a pleasant afternoon at Cliveden.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.