SACRE Film Festival – 7 July 2010


This is the video that was shown at the Film Festival on Wednesday night.

Regular readers will remember when I wrote with my thoughts on ABSstudios’ latest production; a short for the SACRE Film Festival to be held this evening (7 July 2010).

Compared and presented by Mike Gammage, each school was invited to introduce their film, and then all of us in the audience would watch.

The rules of the competition; the film must not be in excess of ten minutes in length, it should try not to use excessive amounts of out-of-school equipment, and the film must be themed around ‘Religion and Science: competing or complimentary?’.

ticketWhile most (if not all) of the equipment and editing was my own, conducted at ABSstudios; I didn’t feel too bad, as I am ABSstudios, and without me, I doubt the film would have happened.

Following the screening, we were given feedback and a certificate which was great; giving me recognition for my work from an outsider of the Burdett family.

“You used a good range of shots; ‘over-the-shoulder’s, ‘noddy’s, and these were complimented with a good range of musical ‘beds’ and graphics on-screen. Thank you.”

– Michael Story, SACRE Film Festival 2010, 7 July 2010

It was a good evening, but – as I said on my Monday night/Tuesday morning blog – I’m glad to see the back of this film, which has been really hard work.

My thanks, of course though, to Mr Boniface for organising and co-writing the film. Thanks.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.