Elvis Turns Labour’s Election Bid “Surreal” – 24 April 2010


The latest election debate, (the second of three, which which was broadcast on Thursday, and hosted by Sky), focused on international affairs. However, if one Elvis Impersonator at Labour Rally (C) BBCfound it a little tedious, the Labour Party have come up with a novel way to grab your attention. It was meant to be a rally for a seat in Northamptonshire. But following Mr Brown’s speech full of many-a-pun in front of mainly Labour supporters, he handed over to a man in a silly Elvis Presley costume, who started to sing some of the rock ’n’ roll star’s hits.

“When I was driving down here this morning, I was listening to 5 Live, and they read out a Tweet from Alistair Campbell, that said somebody bigger than Gary Barlow would be here today…”

– Labour Supporter, 24 April 2010

You know when a man is losing hope at winning an election when he brings out an Elvis impersonator. What was even worse, and with a huge sense of irony, is that the song the man sang was ‘A Little Less Conversation’’. This was directly after a very long and boring speech with a few whiffs of banter (though as far as political banter goes, it was pretty dull), made by the Prime Minister.

Watch the video on the Beeb.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.