Christmas Tree


This is a ‘before and after’ clip of three photos. They show our Christmas Tree, before and after completion. This year, we have gone for a white and gold theme; which looks quite stylish.

It’s been sitting outside in our garden for two or three weeks now. But at last, it’s come in, out of the cold. We have dressed the little darling up in a Christmas suit. It’s joining in our Christmas with the Burdetts.

Merry Christmas, Chris.

P.S. ‘Chris’ is the name of the tree.

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a 20-year-old from Maidenhead in Berkshire. A self-professed "lover of life", he enjoys a busy calendar of activities and engagements. With regular involvement in the Scout Association and his church, he was made Head Boy in his final year at school. After a gap-year spent as a Teaching Assistant at a local junior school, he is now half-way through his Journalism Studies degree at the University of Sheffield. In his spare time, he swims, reads, and enjoys writing about himself in the third-person.