Matthew’s Concert – 5 December 2009


Hello people.

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I’ll start by telling you about yesterday. On Friday, I lost my iPod, so I spent most of this morning looking for that. Unsuccessful and I was quite upset. Even more so when; after choir and my Scout Group’s Christmas fete, my parents announced that they were going up to Bristol to see my brother in concert.

I could either stay at home and go to a swimming gala and have beans on toast; or go to see my brother, get a coffee in Caffe Nero, listen to the concert, and get a meal in Zizzi’s. I think you can guess which option I chose.IMG_1917

The concert took place at All Saint’s Church in Clifton, see the map on the left if you’re interested. It was actually  REALLY good, especially the E.T. soundtrack which they played at the end of the first half. And as a bonus, they played Sleigh Ride at the end of the concert, one of my favourite pieces. Hilariously, one of the big timpani drum sticks went flying out of the percussionist’s hand; fortunately not landing on any instruments or people!

So, after the concert, we went to Zizzi’s in Clifton for a lovely meal, and then left Matthew at the university hall of residence. It felt a bit like ‘an end’, but he’ll be home in a week anyway, so it wasn’t really.

I’ll be off now,

Andrew xx

Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett is a twenty-something from Maidenhead in Berkshire, working for ITV News.